Social Media Training

Are you confused by the online world? Hashtags, likes, shares and pins making you lose the plot? We offer a Simply Social Course to demystify and delve into the online social media world. Ensuring you leave our session with a clearer understanding and confidence to navigate the social sphere. Taking a friendly, interactive approach as we introduce the most popular platforms and give you tips on how to avoid common blunders.

E-Safety Training

Digital parenting has become a key part of how we support our children and young people in the 21st century. However, too often the good work on e-safety within school can be undone by a lack of continuation at home. It is hard for parents/carers to keep up with the changes in technology which affect their children.
Our online training course for parents/carers is a simple introduction to e-safety which will provide some much needed information to help parents start to understand possible e-safety problems and give them a foundation for making decisions about technology usage within the home. As with all our courses, the content will be regularly reviewed and updated to keep abreast of the latest technology trends and applications, making this course a valuable annual refresher for all parents



The marketing support packages we provide are incredibly flexible, ensuring the package fits you. They include everything from ; Consultancy, Delivery, Creation and Support, when you need it most:
8hrs - £400 p/m
6hrs - £320 p/m
2hrs - £180 p/m

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